Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy March!

It's almost March!  (Which means that mad dash at the end of the month to take the calendar pieces off...yes, you know the feeling!  True story- one of my co-workers got her appendix taken out and was at the hospital begging for him to discharge her that night so she could switch her calendar pieces.  Not sure if I would have done the same!)  
March is my favorite month of the year!  Dr. Seuss week, basketball, spring, St. Patrick's Day, and...of birthday (although I've finally reached the age where I'm not looking forward to getting much older!).  And now that I think about it, I might take St. Patrick's Day off my list of favorites too, because we all know that the green glitter that the leprechauns dump everywhere sticks around for a good month or so...  :)
Even so, I always get excited for a new month because it means I get to pass out new calendars! 

I would love to share these with all of my new followers!  To download the March calendars for FREE, click here!  (*Note:  the editable version of all 12 months is available in my TPT store.  Click here for a closer look!)  If you do grab a copy, let me know!  I like to pick my next freebies based on what my followers like!

Have a healthy, happy week!

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