Friday, August 1, 2014

August Currently and Free Nail Polish the words of the wise and talented Cara Carroll...

Couldn't have said it better myself!  The way I see it, I've been doing my readers a favor, because why post if I have nothing new to report?  I might as well wait until I can share something of value.  I have spent the summer doing a lot of planning and coming up with goals and timelines for *finally* finishing some of the product on my ideas list, as well as some fun new freebies for you all!  One will be released within the next week and is perfect for back to school...that's all I will say about that.  ;)

It's time for Currently!

Link up with Farley!

To Pandora for now.  Planning to go outside in a bit, but right now Pandora is keeping me entertained.  Speaking of which, have you ever used Pandora in the classroom?  Angela from Hippo Ray in Second Grade did a blog post on it and ever since then, I've been intrigued!

Loving:  Sunshine.  Vitamin D.  A healthy glow.  And the freckles that come along with all that of course.  It's my favorite part of summer.  Sometimes I feel like a solar powered Energizer bunny because of how much I love my sunshine.  (Disclaimer:  I do take sun safety seriously and use LOTS of sunscreen!  Everything in moderation!)


About the best plan to attack classroom set-up.  Thoughts?  Right now, I'm thinking:

  1. Move big furniture/rugs.  Get perimeter of room set-up.
  2. Arrange desks in middle of room. 
  3. Set up walls (whiteboards/bulletin boards, word wall, posters).
  4. Set up outside of room (door, wall space, locker tags, etc.)
  5. Get materials on shelves organized.
  6. Get papers and teacher desk area organized.
  7. Print everything I have collected this summer.
  8. Laminate as needed.
  9. CUT.
  10. Label student items (cubbies, desks, lockers, nametags, labels, etc.)  This HAS to be last because you ALWAYS have students added right up until the first day of school.

Did I forget anything?????????????????  :/



My August Julep Maven box.  It's been shipped and is on its way, but waiting is hard!  Love at first sight. Coming from a girl who gets bills and credit card advertisements in the mail, I felt so spoiled to see this arrive!  I have seen Kate from The Small Things Blog get Julep boxes before, and I always kinda secretly wanted that little purple box to show up at my door.  And when it does, you feel like ROYALTY.

The best part?  Once you get monthly boxes you can customize...for example in July I picked colors from three different boxes!

Everyone claims that it is the best nail polish and that it "wears like a gel", and after trying mine...that's all I can say too!  The pictures don't do the nail colors justice.  I love them!  The reason I decided to try it is because they have a promotion going on right now where new customers can get their first box free hoping that they'll continue to pay for monthly boxes to arrive.  Extending is strictly optional...cancel by the 24th of the month to stop shipments.  Like I said before, I have always thought about starting a coupon blog, so I guess now is my chance to share the love.

To get a free box:

Visit Julep and select JOIN MAVEN.
Take the beauty quiz or click SHOW ME ALL STYLES.
Select MAVEN MONTHLY plan.
Use code FREEBOX at checkout and the price will drop to $0.00!  (Pay only shipping - $3.99)

A classroom fairy.  To help with the heavy lifting and high reaching and just expedite things in general.  And maybe bring me a Starbucks :)  A girl can dream, right?

1st Day:
Approaching too quickly.

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  1. I've never heard of Pandora for the classroom....I need to check that out! I'm loving the sunshine too. I'm adding a classroom fairy to my wish list too! ;) Good luck with your classroom!!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  2. I use pandora in my classroom and I LOVE it! My kids can earn a reward where we listen to the KIDZ Bop station and dance around a bit. I have been enjoying all the sunshine as well. Good luck with your classroom. I still have lots to do in mine.

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  3. I love your blog! I am also freckled. A red-head nonetheless. My husband says that if all of my freckles joined together I might look like I have a wee tan. :-)
    Grade 4 Buzz

  4. My kids ask to listen to the radio all the time - I always put on Pandora, but now I can use better stations. Thanks for the link.

  5. If you find a Classroom Fairy service, sign me up!! :)

  6. I love Pandora! We played 50's music on the 50th day of school and I would put on classical music sometimes. My class knew they had to work quietly when the music was on. I love that the link you shared gives a list of stations to try out. Thanks for sharing!