Monday, August 4, 2014

How Do You Start Writer's Workshop?

Each year, "back to school" means spending countless hours pushing furniture around my classroom, hanging bulletin board paper, and spending more time on ladders than on the ground.  I also distinctly remember it as the only time when "adult music" blasts all day long.  Once the kids arrive, Dr. Jean it is.

But after classroom set up and parent packet copying comes the time when you sit down and look at your plan book and try to get back in the swing of things.  And that's the hard part.  I finally, after three years, put my beginning of the year writing plans into a comprehensive document!  I'm not going to lie...I started this three years ago.  And would start.  And I'd forget about it.  Confession:  I have been printing the unfinished "ugly version" (no clip art, no cute fonts) of this just so I could use the lesson plan part.  But it's finally done!


This unit is JAM PACKED with 124 pages of writing resources to help you establish writer's workshop routines and help your students get into the habit of working independently.  I came up with a list of skills that I like to teach my students, and then came up with an order, anchor charts, checklists, and other accessories.  
Mini lessons include:

- What is Writing Time?
- Adding Details
- Stretching Words
- Using a Word Wall
- Using an Alphabet Chart
- What Writing Time Looks/Sounds Like
- Sharing Writing
- When I’m Done
- Extending Writing Across Several Days
- Using Known Words to Spell New Words
- Using Complete Sentences
- Long Words vs. Short Words
- Using Spaces
- Using End Marks
- Using Capital Letters
- Using an Editing Checklist

 have the opportunity to get it on sale!  Be sure to shop the big sale!

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