Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trick or Treat Tuesday! (FREEBIE!)

Trick or treat!!!  
Actually, it's a trick AND a treat.  On Tuesdays in October, I will be offering one TPT "trick" and one "treat" to all my loyal readers!

Trick:  How to Make TPT Previews in 2 Minutes or Less!

An oldie, but a goodie.
Okay, we've all been there.  You spend hours upon hours creating a product to post on Teachers Pay Teachers, and you are ready to post it.  However, now begins the tedious task of creating the preview file.  (insert Jeopardy song...)
Want to know how to create a preview in two minutes or less?!?!?
Enter Picasa.  Picasa is a free photo program (by Google I believe) that you download onto your computer.  You can use it to edit, organize, etc. your photos, but you can also use it to create preview photo collages for TPT.  
When in Picasa, select the photos you want and then click the little button that says "Create Photo Collage" when you hover your mouse over it:


Ta da!  No more clicking, re-sizing, dragging, re-positioning, one photo at a time!  You can even choose the collage you want...pile, mosaic, frame, etc.!  AND, you can add text and send photos forward or backward!  Just create the collage, export it to the folder where you keep your preview files, and you're done!

Now for your treat!

Treat:  The Biggest Pumpkin Ever Venn Diagram FREEBIE! 

Click on either image to download!

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