Saturday, July 13, 2013

Target Dollar Spot Alert!

*Alert*  The Target Dollar Spot is Teacher Heaven right now!  It is filled with back to school goodies.  They have their usual assortment of workbooks and flashcards, along with some other items.  Check it out:

The ever-popular Target dollar spot mini pocket charts.  What am I going to use them for?  Not sure.  Bought 10...I can always return them!  I can always use them to display our daily schedule, spelling words, vocabulary words, class jobs...any other suggestions?  Did you notice that they changed the shade of blue?!

These are those tiny metal buckets...except now Target makes them with a little chalkboard!  I was tempted to buy these for my pencil buckets, but I already have a closet full of these tiny buckets!  Any more and I would feel a bit like a hoarder!

Okay, so these were $3, but still in the dollar spot.  I had heard rumors of bright colored tape dispensers at Costco, but I have searched long and hard and have not found them.  And by searched long and hard, I have done the whole have employees look it up, call stores, etc. thing.  These aren't Scotch brand, but for $3, they aren't bad!  These will definitely brighten up my teacher desk.  

Fancy file folders...pack of 3 for $1.

ClosetMaid Mini Fabric Drawers - 2 Pack
They also had these little fabric drawers for $1 (along with some closet organizer and hamper type things for college), but the key word here is *little*.  They are pretty tiny.  Like 7 inches by 7 inches.  I picked up a few, but decided they were too small to use for centers and put them back.  I tried to take a picture, but because the dollar section was taken over by a crowd of teachers ferociously and aggressively sifting through items politely and gracefully viewing products, it got a little tight.  So photo credits go to for this one!

And case you need a laugh...

I did not purchase this!!!  Why not, you ask?  Look closely.  16 divided by 4.  Yes.  That is what I am going to work on with my three-year-old...   Who made this???  

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  1. What a great bunch of items! I love your, "I can always return it" philosophy. I follow the same one! Do you ever think the people in stores wonder why we are photographing all of their items? LOL

    Congratulations! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Should you wish to accept the award, please visit my blog for all the details!

    Mrs O Knows